Adjustable Non-slip Shirt Holders

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You'll Always Look Your Best with the Adjustable Nonslip Shirt Holders

• Your Shirt Remains Tucked - With the adjustable nonslip shirt holders, your dress shirt will remain tucked in no matter how much you move throughout the day. Forget about looking disheveled whenever you bend down or stretch. The shirt holders will keep you looking your best all day long.

• Easy to Use - The nonslip holders are totally adjustable and easy to use. Simply wrap the garter around your leg and snap the nonslip clips to the tails of your dress shirt. Pull on your pants as normal, and you’ll see how neatly tucked your shirt is. The stretch material of the shirt holders allows your shirt to move with you and then pulls your shirt gently back into place. You can dance the night away, jump up and down, and even do cartwheels, and your shirt will remain neatly tucked.

• Durable and Comfortable - The adjustable shirt holders are made with ultra soft and durable elastic nylon. It won't chafe or leave harsh marks on your skin. They're so comfortable you’ll forget you're wearing them. 

• One Size Fits All