Crunch Cup

Save 63%
Make Your Breakfast "To Go" with the Breakfast Cup Food Container with Lid and Foldable Spoon

Save Money - The no-spill, portable container with lid makes it so convenient to pack your breakfast on busy mornings. It even comes with a foldable spoon that tucks into the lid for easy storage. With the breakfast cup and food container, you'll save money on diner breakfasts and drive-through.

So Versatile - The compartmentalized stacking cups system allows you to pack different foods to assemble later. Use it for cereal, oatmeal, fruit parfaits, and more, all without worrying about your breakfast getting soggy.

Keeps Food Cold - The breakfast cup container even keeps food cold for hours so you can enjoy your cereal with cold milk.

Never Miss a Healthy Breakfast - Now, you can prepare your breakfast in advance and take it to go. Perfect for busy families. Buy one for every family member.