Cat Litter Shovel - Cat Box Scoop

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Every Cat Owner Needs the Cat Litter Shovel

No More Mess - The days of spilling kitty litter and cat feces are over. With the cat litter shovel, the automatic opening and closing door allows you to scoop and dispose of the used litter in one swift motion.

Easy to Use - Simply place a small trash bag into the disposal container, affix the scooping lid, and it's ready to use. The scooping lid acts as both a shovel and litter sifter. After you've scooped and sifted, simply turn the scooper upright, and the litter will fall into the storage container. Repeat until the cat box is clean. Nothing falls out.

Easy Emptying - When your scooper is full, simply uncap and remove the bag.

Sanitary and Hygienic - The cat litter scooper prevents unhygienic spills and keeps your hands from touching used litter.

Lightweight and Portable - The kitty litter shovel is lightweight and portable in size (30 X 16 X 15cm/11.81 X 6.3 X 5.91”).