Color Wheel Rims Protectors

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 Color Wheel Rims ProtectorsPROTECT RIM WITH STYLE 

Color Wheel Rims Protectors

Whether you need to protect your rims? Replace worn inners? Or you want to add flair to your rims, the Color Wheel Rims Protectors are a great choice.

Color Wheel Rims Protectors

They are available in ten different colors so you can match or compliment your cars tires.


  • Protect your rim: Help to protect your wheel rim, and prevent scratches or small bump damages

    Color Wheel Rims Protectors
  • Can be used to cover over existing light curb rash

  • Available in a variety of colors to custom personalize your vehicle

    Color Wheel Rims Protectors
  • A final fit and finishes on wheels most often described as, "They look like they came from the factory that way"

  • 8 meters in full size, enough for four big wheel rims


Color Wheel Rims Protectors


  • Length: 8m
  • Material Type: rubber


  • 1PC x Color Wheel Rims Protectors 
  • Item Type: Styling Mouldings
  • Item Width: 0cm
  • Item Weight: 170g
  • Model Year: 2018
  • Item Length: 8m
  • Model Name: Tire Guard Line Rubber Moulding Trim
  • External Testing Certification: CE
  • Material Type: rubber
  • Brand Name: CNSPEED
  • Special Features: Wheel Rims Protectors
  • Item Height: 0cm