Dog Toothbrushing Stick - Oral Care and Chew Toy

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    Often overlooked until there's a serious problem, oral diseases are among the biggest health issues for dogs. In fact, when left untreated, more than half of dogs in America suffer from a potentially life-threatening oral disease by the age of 5.  

    Just like humans, many oral diseases in dogs can be avoided simply by routine brushing. But how do you get your dog to brush their teeth? 

    That's why you need this Dog Toothbrushing Stick! Not only is it a really fun chew toy, but it also doubles as a toothbrush that'll keep your dog's gums and teeth healthy for years to come. 

    • Specially Designed Bristles clean while your dog chews on them
    • Multiple sizes for every sized dog. 
    • Protects against serious oral health issues
    • Let your dog take control of their own health! 



    • Small: 8.3*11.7*3.8 cm(3.28*4.64*1.5in)
    • Medium:10*14.5*4.8  cm(4.03*5.71*1.9in)
    • Large: 12.8*18.1*5.8cm(5.04*7.14*2.3in)