Electrical Latte Art and Cake Decorating Pen

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Decorate Your Coffees and Cakes Like a Professional with the Electric Latte Art and Cake Decorating Pen

• Create Fun Designs and Messages - Latte art isn't just for baristas. With the electric latte art and cake decorating pen, you can write short messages or draw designs on your cakes and coffees.

• Fun and Easy to Use - Simply fill the pen with cinnamon, spice, cocoa powder or any other fine powder edible. Then, press the button and draw. The electric easy-to-grasp pen and button location gives you maximum control allowing you to do both simple and more elaborate designs. It's so fun and easy.

• Make Every Day an Occasion -  Why wait for a birthday to decorate a cake for your friends and loved ones? With the electric latte art pen, you can make every day special.