Hand-held Mini Safe Stapler without Staples

Save 60%

Never Run Out of Staples Again with the Handheld Mini Safe Stapler

Save Money and the Environment - The mini staple-less stapler binds paper together with a small notch and fold. This elegant solution not only saves you the time and money buying staples, but it's also eco-friendly.

So Efficient - You'll never have to remove staples before putting pages into a shredder or the recycling bin. And, say goodbye to staple jams or looking for a box of staples when you run out. 

• Secure Hold - You'll be surprised at how secure your papers are with the staple-free stapler. It's perfect for binding small sets of documents up to seven pages. Great for reports, receipts, and more.

Totally Safe - With the handheld mini stapler, you'll never have to worry about injury from metal staples again. Great for children, classrooms, offices, and clinical environments.