Premium 1L Stainless Steel Military Canteen Portable

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This canteen kit performs as a lightweight multi-functional kit that covers all the basics!

Classic G.I. type enhanced nylon cover will hold the 1Qt canteen and cup or can be used as a general purpose carrying pouch. The military canteen and cup is a piece of survival and outdoor adventure equipment. It can be used for cooking, heating water, signaling help, heater, or just making a cup of hot coffee. An essential piece of equipment in everyone's journey! 



1. Perfect for camping, hiking or any adventure you want to take Easy to carry

2. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, the canteen and cup can be used by for many years

3. Snap closure pouch, detailed construction with tough heavyweight nylon material

Fits on the bottom of a military style 1 quart canteen. Grab style folding handle is perfect for separate use